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Foreign National (Non US citizens, Non US green card holders) 
For US Non Residents: Whether you have been assigned, seconded or locally hired in or to the US from a foreign country, 
determination of your optimal tax filing status in your year of arrival to the US is usually never straightforward 
Some Helpful Information and can be quite complex.  There are a multitude of unique and highly complex US domestic tax laws and 
regulations affecting the US tax residency of foreign nationals, in addition to income and social security tax 
Entering the US treaties (Totalization Agreements). These tax laws and regulations are very specialized and their tax 
Travel Tips ramifications for a foreign national US non resident are very different than that for US citizens or US green card 
Jobs You Can Do holders. Additionally, in many cases foreign nationals may not be subject to certain US and State taxes that you 
Jobs You Can Not Do may have been paying for many years. We specialize in helping our clients recover such improperly paid 
How to Find Better or Second Job income taxes.
25 Day Travel Period
Extending Your Stay We can advise you as to the applicable tax laws and regulations directly affecting you and we will consult with 
About Social Security Number you on the preparation of your Form 1040-NR, Dual-Status or Form 1040 and any required State tax filings. 
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