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US citizens, US green card holders and US non-resident living in the US
For US Residents: As a US citizen or US green card holder you must continue to file a US tax return for as long as you meet
Who is a Resident Alien of the the annually indexed minimum filing threshold.
United States for tax purposes?
Personal Guide to Compiling and As a US citizen or US green card holder living outside the US- US Expatriate- you are also required to file
Organizing Your Tax Documents. a US tax return and report your worldwide income on your US tax filings. However when you are outside the US
there are special tax laws and regulations where, if these certain qualifications are met, would allow you to offset
Frequently Asked Questions your US tax obligations in whole or in part.  These right of offsets are a result of the integration between the Foreign
Personal & Dependants Earned Income Exclusion, Housing Exclusion and / or Housing Deduction and Foreign Tax Credit mechanisms. 
Investment We can advise you as to the applicable tax laws and regulations and we will consult with you on the preparation of
Other Income & Adjustment your US tax return Form 1040, Form 2555- Foreign Earned Income and Form 1116- Foreign Tax Credit and any
Itemized Deductions required State tax filings all via electronic communication and the telephone and / or facsimile, where the situation
Credits precludes a one-on-one meeting.
Business Income & Expenses
Rental Income & Expenses
Payment & Filling Options Please contact us for a free consultation and for further details. 
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